How Fundamentalist Christian Patriarchy Silences Women Into Submission

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There are times when reality is stranger than fiction.

At first glance, The Transformed Wife’s Twitter looks like a satire page. Her tweets coercing women to be 1950s-esque homemakers, fully submit to their husbands and forgo any type of higher education read straight out of Gilead instead of America in 2021.

Shockingly enough, The Transformed Wife is real. Her online ministry, deceptively advertised as a forum to mentor younger women, spreads dangerous lies that advocate for the abuse of women. …

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If you are reading this, chances are you either own clothing from Lululemon or know someone who does. For the past few years, Lululemon has been posing as a “green” brand to lure in trend-chasing young people. With its glossy ad campaigns featuring influencers, its futuristic looking stores, and its promises of being environmentally and health-conscious, Lululemon has won over the hearts and the minds of its consumers.

The company does not want you to know that behind the closed glass doors of its stores, its business practices are the complete opposite of its ideals. On the surface, Lululemon seems…

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On January 6, 2021, a group of Donald Trump loyalists stormed the United States Capitol in rebellion against a “corrupt” government that they falsely claim has “stolen” the election from Trump. The riots destroyed millions of dollars of property in the Capitol, 5 lives, and most importantly, America’s trust in a fair democracy. No one foresaw Wednesday’s insurrection, as no members of a political party in recent years had ever been so angry at election results that they would cause violence. Washington, D.C.’s lackluster response to the violent riots portrayed that surprise: despite rioters climbing up the sides of the…

Brandon Bernard’s execution reveals a broken justice system that prioritizes destruction over reform

Brandon and his daughter (Credit/The Sun)

On December 10, 2020, otherwise known as International Human Rights Day, Brandon Bernard was executed by the United States federal government for being an accomplice to a murder when he was eighteen years old. New evidence suggests that his victim, Stacie Bagley, was already dead by a gunshot from the lead perpetrator when Bernard set the car on fire. Despite the new evidence, the Supreme Court denied an appeal to delay his execution. They held true to their promise of executing him on a day reserved for pushing forward human rights legislation.

Though 106 countries have outlawed the death penalty…

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“Enter my giveaway by inviting five of your friends to follow my page!”

“I will be holding a LIVE Q&A session tonight at 7- put your questions down in the comments!”

If you follow any influencers on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, you have most likely heard these lines before. Typically, influencers seek power through gaining the admiration of their followers. They model a lifestyle that is glitzy and glamorous, and their followers aspire to live the same way. …

Dangerous conspiracy theories, disinformation, and aggressive political bias

While the internet can be a resource to educate, it can also deceive innocent users with disinformation. Websites can easily disguise themselves as unbiased when in reality, they cater to a specific political agenda.

How can you spot disinformation out in the wild? How can you learn to verify the accuracy of what you read online?

The first time I heard of Evie Magazine was through an ad on Twitter, spotted through the corner of my eye. “An unbiased women’s magazine that focuses on health, beauty, and relationships,” it read. …

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Recently, I came across an article from Evie Magazine, an allegedly “unbiased” opinion blog, that argued women should be having children during the pandemic, and those who choose not to or wait are selfish.

While I agree with the author’s stance on staying optimistic during hard times, the author greatly downplays the tragic events of 2020 and the devastating hardships that millions of people around the world face as a consequence. …

“So, what do you think the senior year retreat will be like?” my friend asked.

In my mind, I pictured it to be like Survivor.

Stranded on a remote tropical island, a group of students learn to explore the wilderness, climbing trees, swimming in the ocean, building large sandcastles. Days are spent laughing and relaxing on the beach, without a care in the world.

I got sleep-inducing sermons at the pulpit of a musty room instead.

The Eerie Place On Top Of A Hill

Every year, my high school would host a retreat for graduating seniors. The retreat was held…

CW: sexual harassment and assault

Artwork by Jhinuk Barman

Sexual assault deniers everywhere,

You may be the person who comments on an article about a sexual assault case, “That woman is LYING!” You may be the person who makes a YouTube video titled, “Why We Should Not #BelieveAllWomen.” You may be the person who brushes off sexual harassment by saying, “It was just a joke!”

You say, “It’s a lie. After all, why would these women come forward with accusations of sexual assault years after the crime has been committed?” I have a fun fact for you: only 5.2% of rape accusations are false…

This week’s story will be pretty short; I will be talking about what my life has been like after graduating from college this spring!

Transitioning from college to post-grad life in the middle of a pandemic hasn’t always been super easy; I miss the days where I could easily walk over to a friend’s house and talk about life. However, I have found ways to keep myself entertained in quarantine! Hopefully, the pandemic ends soon so I can spend more time outdoors and meet new people.


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I am currently working as a software engineer at Amazon Lab126. Lab126 focuses…

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